Delving Into the Labyrinth

Welcome to Into the Labyrinth! This site’s main focus is to support the Labyrinth Lord Role Playing Game by Goblinoid Games.

Into the Labyrinth will strive to offer free resources, gaming aids, adventures, as well as various Labyrinth Lord related odds and ends. Hopefully, Into the Labyrinth will provide something useful for everyone.

Into the Labyrinth is divided into four sections; Adventures, Resources, Odds & Ends, and Links.

The Adventure section of the site consists of adventures for use with Labyrinth Lord or other Classic RPGs. You'll also find Quick-Play Adventure, which are small quests (1 to 2 pages) that you can run your players through between larger quests.

Within the Resources section of the site you'll find new rules or rule variants for Labyrinth Lord, as well as gaming aids, character sheets and other resources to help run your Labyrinth Lord game.

Odds & Ends is where you’ll find material which does not fit in any of the other sections.

Links will list online sites, forums, and resources relevant to classic gaming.

What is Labyrinth Lord?

From Goblinoid Games:
"Labyrinth Lord takes us back to the basics of old-school fantasy gaming by combining text and terms provided by Open Game Content (OGC) released under the OGL, and game system algorithms from simple fantasy game systems of the late 70s and early 80s. This combination of terms, text, and new algorithm expression forms the basis of Labyrinth Lord as a reference document for players and third-party publishers, who will be able produce material for Labyrinth Lord with a free license. The license and its terms will be released concurrently with the core rule book. One important feature of this arrangement is that the majority of Labyrinth Lord will be Open Game Content. In addition, there will be very few restrictions in the Labyrinth Lord license, meaning that fans and publishers alike will be able to create virtually any material and refer to the Labyrinth Lord trademark. By taking this route, publishers and fans can establish this brand name as something that is collectively understood to be completely compatible with similar simple fantasy systems from the 70s and 80s."

How to get Labyrinth Lord.

You can get Labyrinth Lord in one of the following ways;

The free e-book may be downloaded HERE!

A print copy of Labyrinth Lord may be purchased from Goblinoid Games’ Lulu Store Front, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Additional Labyrinth Lord products can be found at Your Games Now, Lulu, as well as Goblinoid Games, both HERE and HERE.

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